GL Design Services Steel Connection Design

GL Design Services offer professional structural steel connection design services to UK customers that are fully compliant with the current BS5950 design codes, which will ensure that your building project will comply with all Building Regulation standards.

As a leading team of UK qualified chartered engineers experienced in the calculation of many different building materials including steel, reinforced concrete, timber and masonry structures, we can provide you with a sound steel connection design for your construction project that includes concept design sketches to fully-detailed drawings developed by using CAD technology.

No matter what you are planning we have your steel connection design needs covered. We can also help with your plans to add new steel construction connections into already existing or historical steel frameworks.

Should you be planning to add a steel frame extension to your home, we can draw up connection design plans for connecting steel to concrete, masonry and timber buildings. No matter if you need a design for something simple and standard to build to more complex and bespoke, we can ensure that your steel connection designs will comply with current building codes to be safe and fit for purpose.

Steel construction connections can use several joining techniques including welding, bolted, base plates, footing or anchoring, but all must be designed to comply with safety regulations. By working with GL Design Services you can be confident that your design will be efficiently designed and will incorporate the most appropriate connections for your project.

Steel connection design specialist in South London

Quick and efficient design services

Because your structural steel connections need to meet with current BS5950 design codes, GL Design Services quickly review your existing design to make sure it is sound, or create a complete design for your construction team to follow.

We can check and design all of your steel connections, including beam to column, member splices, anchorage to concrete, brace end, technical multi-member joints, and many other types of weight-bearing steel connections.

By using GL Design Services, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time, money and worry about the integrity of your steelwork. We use the latest CAD design software in all of our project design drawings and will be able to quickly design all of your connections to ensure they are sound.

Precision engineering designs for your steel connections

Our dedicated team of UK qualified civil and chartered engineers can simplify the whole process by using our in-depth knowledge and years of experience. We can look at the arrangement of all connection methods and types to make sure the practicality and economy of the designs in on point.

We will create a design for your steel connections that use the right arrangement of bolts, plates stiffeners, and welds to deliver the results you want and will comply with current BS5950 design codes.

Our steel connection design service will provide you with all the documents you need, including detailed plans and information that can be used to convey the design intent. Our design drawings are highly detailed, yet are presented in a style and format that is easy to read and understand.