How Much Does a House Extension Cost?

House extensions can be a difficult subject to discuss. There can be so many different building regulations, local authority rules and costs involved that it can tie a lot of homeowners up in knots.

This is why it can be very helpful to get the help of experts before you draw up any plans or put them into motion.

It can also help you to have a basic understanding of the different types of house extensions there are and how their complexity can affect the overall cost of your project.

However, to give you a rough estimate, the cost of an average-sized single-storey extension can be anywhere between £1,450 and £1,850 per m2, but in London, this could be anywhere between £1,800 and £2,500+ per m2.

Things to consider about a home extension

The cost of building your house extension will vary according to what you want and how complex the build will be. Smaller, single-storey extensions are going to be cheaper and quicker to build than a two-storey extension that needs far more technical input.

Also, a factor which you need to consider is where you live. Your local authority may have different rules about home extensions than another authority in the next county. If you live in or near a major city, such as London for example, your extension may cost more than a similar one for someone living in a more rural area.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are not a set of general rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to regardless of where you live. There are statutory building regulations and standards that need to be met for health and safety reasons, so any major building work on your house cannot be treated as a simple DIY project.

If you have never had an extension built before and are unfamiliar with the process, or don’t exactly know what sort of building an extension you want or would be best for your type of home, then you should consult with a professional building specialist, such as our team of chartered engineers at GL Design Services Ltd.

Getting accurate quotes

Usually, a homeowner will think that getting a quote for their home extension is the first step they should take. However, it can be difficult for a construction company to give you an accurate quote if you don’t know what sort of extension you want or have a plan to work from.

Our team at GL Design Services Ltd. are UK qualified chartered engineers experienced in the calculation of steel, reinforced concrete, timber and masonry structures, providing complete structural solutions from concept design sketches to fully-detailed drawings developed by using CAD technology.

If you want to know exactly what your building extension will look like and make sure that your plan will work for you, then get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs, survey your home to make sure it is structurally sound and able to take the type of extension you want and to give you and your construction team a clear vision of your building project.

With our help, you can have a perfectly planned out new building extension that is safe and uses the most appropriate materials for your type of extension. Once you have your plan in hand, you will be able to get more accurate building quotes and be able to remain in control of your budget.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at GL Design Services Ltd. If you need more information about our house extension services.