Removing load bearing wall building regulations (UK)

There are building rules and regulations around removing a load-bearing wall from your home. A load-bearing wall is an integral part of your house because it supports many elements within your building, including:

  • Floor joists: Every horizontal floor in your home will be supported by floor joists. These joists may sit on top of or be built into an internal weight-bearing wall.
  • Internal walls: There may be walls in your house that will support another wall that sits directly above it.
  • The roof: Part of the roof structure, including ceiling joists, may be supported by internal load-bearing walls.

With so many homeowners wanting to open up the interior of their homes to form an open-plan living space, they will need to remove internal walls, some of which may be weight-bearing walls.

Removing a chimney breast

Removing a chimney breast from an older property is a common request that homeowners want to be included in their home renovation plans. However, care must be taken to remove a chimney breast because the chimney stack will run from floor to roof.

You may want to remove the chimney breast from a ground floor room, but the remaining chimney stack will need to be supported by a structural beam underneath the remaining stack to support the weight.

The chimney stack supporting beam may sit on an internal load-bearing wall to help transfer the weight down to the house’s foundations. Problems can arise when a homeowner wants to remove the interior walls that support the beam.

Complying with building regulations

Your home extension or refurbishment project may include the removal of a load-bearing wall. For this, you will need building regulation approval. You can book a Building Control Officer from your local council to assist you with this, or you can choose to book a private sector approved inspector.

The building control inspector will ensure that all of your building works are carried out following current Building Regulations. To ensure that your building plans pass inspection the first time, it can help bring in a professional team member from GL Design Services Ltd to draw up your plans for you.

As a team of architectural and civil engineers, we help homeowners in and around the Croydon area of London to get their home improvement plans approved and put into action as quickly as possible.

No matter if you only want to remove one load-bearing wall to open up your home, or you need us to help you with a more complex project that involves a significant structural change to your home, we can supply you with full structural drawings and plans you need.

You can use our plans as part of your full plans application for Building Regulations approval.

Appointing a structural engineer

For more complex building refurbishment work that includes removing load-bearing walls, you will need to appoint a highly experienced structural engineer to assist you with your building project. Our team at GL Design Services Ltd can help with that!

It is not uncommon for Building Control to ask for a structural engineers report. You will need this report to ensure your proposed building alterations will be safe and comply with the current UK building regulations.