Structural Beam Calculations

No matter what type of building work you are planning, getting the structural calculations right is essential for the success of your project. And nothing is more important than your structural beam calculations as your weight-bearing beams will be integral to the safety and integrity of your building.

To cut to the chase, your structural beam calculations are what makes sure your building stays in place once you have completed your project.

As with any major building projects that involve adding a new extension or altering the structural integrity of your home, you need to have your property inspected and a detailed report drawn up about your build project and the materials needed.

Your plans will include structural calculations for beams and joints that will tie your existing property to your new extension or internal structural changes.

The type of beam you choose to use in your project will also affect your beam calculations and plans. Our team at GL Designs will not only provide you with all the technical details you need about the strength of your beam, but we will also look at how your beams and framework will perform under adverse conditions, including extreme weather events such as high winds and heavy snowfall.

Structural oak beam calculations

Structural oak beams have been used for thousands of years to support housing structures, but for health and safety reasons they need to meet certain requirements to be permitted for building or repair use in the UK.

Oak beams are graded and come under the safety guidelines on BS 5756:2007 British Standards document. Because oak beams are a natural product they need to be checked for weaknesses such as crack, knots and splits that would mean they wouldn’t make the grade for structural beam support use.

After oak beams have been cut they need to dry out, which means they may shrink and develop cracks. While green oak is ideal for the framework as all the beams will shrink and the frame will tighten up, you need a more seasoned air dried oak beam for structural support.

Our team at GL Designs have many years of experience in working with oak beams and can calculate your structural beam calculations for you when you plan to use oak beams in your building project.

Structural calculations for steel beams

Steel is a very strong and versatile material to work with and is a popular choice for home extensions and internal beam support for wall removal.

Depending on your building plans and where you are planning to use steel beams, you need to consider the exposure to extreme temperatures, inclement weather and other environmental factors.  You will need steel beam calculations to prove that the strength and integrity of your building project will meet all current building regulations.

By working with our team at GL Designs, we will ensure that your steel beam and framework will be built to last and will meet all safety requirements.

Many people wanting to alter or extend their homes wonder why they need these structural calculations, but it is a requirement to have a comprehensive set of calculations to allow your project to pass inspection and be given the go-ahead.


Here at GL Designs, we have many years of experience in working on standard, bespoke and unusual structural calculations. We can save you a lot of time and money by making sure that your structural beam calculations will pass inspection and in turn will ensure the safety and integrity of your home and your new extension or changed internal layout.