Structural Engineer for a House Extension

Many homeowners wonder why they would need a structural engineer for a house extension or major internal renovation. In most cases, you may be able to save yourself some money by planning out your building project yourself and then bring in a structural engineer to look over your plans and do the structural calculations for you.

In a lot of cases, people will hire an architect to work out a plan for them, but quite often the architect will bring in a structural engineer to do all the structural calculations for the project.

It is not a choice between using either an architect or a structural engineer but is often a case of using both, especially with a major project such as a very large or complicated home extension or when you plan on doing some structural changes to your home.

The role of a structural engineer with your extension

As we are a team of professionally trained and highly experienced civil and structural engineers, we can assist with the planning of your home extension.

One of our structural engineer team members will look at the viability of your extension plan and assess the strength and integrity of your property and surrounding groundwork. We will calculate for you all the essential types, weights and dimensions of your construction materials.

Depending on whether you are bringing in a local building contractor to perform your work, or if you are self-building for the most part, it makes sense to bring us into work out the calculations on your plans to ensure that your home extension goes ahead smoothly and everyone involved in the project is working with correct calculations and precise measurements.

Calculating building foundations

One of the most important elements of building a home extension is making sure that the building foundations are suitable for supporting and bearing the added weight of the brickwork.

This is especially important if you are planning to do a first-floor extension that builds out above an existing garage attached to your home. In a lot of cases, the original foundations for the garage will only be fit for supporting the weight of the garage and not the added weight of a full extension.

In this case, we will instruct you or your builder to dig out a trial pit to help clarify how deep your foundations go and if you may need some underpinning work to support your new extension and prevent any building subsidence.

When should you bring in GL Design Services?

If you are planning to perform any home improvements that could affect the structural integrity of your home, such as building either a ground floor or first-floor extension, then it is almost certain that you will need our structural engineering service.

We can do all the structural calculations you need for modifying your existing doors and windows to accommodate your new extension, underpinning floors, knocking out walls or removing a chimney breast that may be in the way of your planned extension.

No matter whether you are having an architect draw up your plans or you want to create them yourself, you will need to bring us in to provide you with the essential structural calculations and structural drawings you will need.

You will need our drawings and calculations to obtain planning permission for your extension and for your builders to use as a guide to buying the materials they will need for the job.

Why not get in touch with us today to discuss your building extension plans. We are here to help!

Use a structural engineer for your own safety

With many homeowners wanting to save money on building an extension by doing as much of the building work themselves, it makes sense to bring in one of our structural engineers from GL Design Ltd. to help make sure your home extension project will be safe.

If this is your first attempt at building work outside of simple DIY home maintenance, it can feel a little overwhelming to have the weight of designing and planning your extension sitting on your shoulders.

While you may have plenty of friends or family members willing to give you a hand with the heavy work, unless any of them are fully qualified and experienced construction workers, you may be putting the structural integrity of your home at risk.

Creating a structurally secure design

Don’t leave anything to chance. Bring in GL Design Services Ltd. to help with your home extension plans. You can give us an idea of your tastes and the aspirations for your extension. We will then be able to inspect your home and check for weight-bearing walls that will need special structural treatment if you plan to remove them.

With our help, you will have a comprehensive plan to follow and can move forward confident that your home improvement works will be safe for your family. We can do all the structural calculations for you so you will be able to properly budget for and buy the right building materials for the job.

Do I need a structural engineer for my house extension?

When you are thinking about extending your home, knowing how many building professionals should get involved can be confusing. You may even wonder if you even need the help of architects, builders, and structural engineers at all.

While each of these building professionals has a role to play, a structural engineer specialises in a few key areas to do with the safety and integrity of your proposed building work.

As your plan to extend your home may involve altering the structure of your property in some way, it is critical to bring in some expert help with your building project to ensure the safety of your plans.

Performing a structural inspection

Sometimes building an extension can have a direct impact on the safety of your home. For example, removing a rear wall to extend your kitchen will undoubtedly involve knocking down a section of a load-bearing wall that plays an integral part in supporting the overall weight of your house.

The last thing you want to do is insert the wrong kind of support beam or a beam of insufficient strength to cope with supporting the weight of the building directly above it. If you do this and your building inspector discovers your mistake, they can declare your house unsafe to live in and demand that you take the extension down.

No one wants to splash out thousands of pounds on building a home extension only to have to spend even more money on making it right and making your family temporarily homeless in the process.

The sensible thing to do is to bring in a structural engineer from GL Design Services Ltd. before you start to make sure that your building project will be safe to carry out.